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March 26th, 2019


3-Day Exclusive Pricing Event

Do you or someone you know suffer from hearing loss? If so, now is the perfect time to do something about it!

We are holding an exclusive 3-day hearing event held on April 15, 16 and 17. A Widex Audiology Specialist, Andree Boissonneault, will be demonstrating our newest hearing aid technology. We will also have exclusive pricing available for select hearing aids, including the Widex Evoke.

We will only have limited appointment spots available for this event, so contact us now to reserve your spot and ask us for more information.



December 13th, 2016


Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas from the Ex-Cell Team! 
We will be closed December 24th to January 2nd.
Regular office hours resume January 3rd 2017.



February 26th, 2016


The Starkey Hearing Foundation


Your donation of used hearing aids helps
give someone else the gift of hearing around the world!


The Journey of a Recycled Hearing Aid:


Generous Donation: Your generous donation
is mailed to Starkey from Ex-Cell Hearing Centres


Receiving: Hearing aids are received,
documented, and a letter of acknowledgment
and thanks is sent to each donor


Sorting: Hearing aids are sorted by make and model


Salvage: Nothing goes to waste!
Components are removed from custom
and standard hearing aids for use in
the rebuilding process


Rebuild: Hearing aids are
rebuilt back to specification


Buffing: Hearing aids are
cleaned and buffed


Ear Hooks: Ear hooks are installed
to prepare for fittings


Quality Assurance: Each hearing
aid is inspected, listened to,
tested for sound quality
and graded by power level


Packaging: Hearing aids are packaged
and made ready for missions


Gift of Hearing: A person is fitted
with hearing aids, changing his or her life forever!

Click the link below to see an amazing video of
The Starkey Foundation fitting these amazing rebuilt hearing aids!





February 24th, 2016



“Pardon me?”

“Would you mind repeating what you said? I couldn’t understand you.”

Hearing loss isn’t just an ear issue; it’s a quality of life and health issue.


Did you know that untreated hearing loss is much more noticable than actually wearing hearing aids? Reduced hearing acuity is frustrating for people with hearing loss as well as for those around them. In fact, a 2009 study showed that relationships are failing because of unmanaged hearing loss. The survey of 1,500 hearing-impaired people over 55 revealed that almost half (44 percent of people) said that relationships with their partner, friends or family have suffered because they can’t hear properly.


Book a hearing test or a consultation today to talk to one of our hearing aid practitioners about what is new in the world of hearing aid technology.


8th Street Office - 306.343.9516
Market Mall Office - 306.374.4050



February 22nd, 2016

Did you know we do clinics all over Saskatchewan?

Our practitioners travel to different locations to provide our clients with a convenient, close to home place to take care of their hearing health needs. We provide services such as hearing evaluations, hearing aid fittings, hearing aid cleanings, adjustments, custom ear protection and more!

John, Kiplin and Teneille travel to:

North Battleford
Prince Albert

Call us today to book an appointment or find out more about our rural clinics.




February 12th, 2016

Happy Valentine's Week Everyone!

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!
We hope it is filled with love and CHOCOLATE.

(...yes, you can get a pink hearing aid!)



February 8th, 2016

How did everyone enjoy the SUPER BOWL?

A great article in Forbes on the major advances in hearing aid technology! Definitely a good read for anyone who wears hearing aids or knows someone who does. "How the Super Bowl became a platform for 'hearables' "


SAN FRANCISCO, CA - FEBRUARY 06: NFL player Ted Ginn Jr. of the Carolina Panthers helps with the fitting of a hearing aid for patient Andre at the Starkey Hearing Foundation hearing mission during Super Bowl weekend 2016 at San Francisco State University on February 6, 2016 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Starkey Hearing Foundation)




January 16th, 2016


Are you addicted to your cell phone, internet, social media and/or internet? Check out our new add in Ask The Experts on ways to improve your communication skills for 2016.



November 30th, 2015


The Effects of Living with Hearing Loss

Let’s face it, living with hearing loss can be frustrating,
even dangerous. Hearing aids can allow you to function
better in all areas of your life:

Your Family

Your grandson’s silly secrets. Your wife’s soft “I love yous.”
These are sounds you definitely don’t want to miss.

Your Work

If you are missing important information on phone calls or
in meetings, you may not be working at the level you want to be.

Your Safety

A car horn. An ambulance siren. The fire alarm.
Hearing loss can cause you to miss important signals
that alert you to danger.

Your Happiness

Do you feel uncomfortable at social gatherings?
Are you missing the rewarding sounds of nature or your favorite music?
Don’t let hearing loss affect your quality of life.


An important message from our friends at Audibel.
Contact us today for more information about hearing loss,
hearing testing and hearing aids. 





November 19th, 2015

Use it or loose it

You would not put off getting glasses if you were having trouble seeing. Hearing loss is not something you should just “put up with”. In fact research shows that early treatment can make a big difference!

Over time, reduced stimulation to your ears and brain can actually impair the brains ability to process sound and recognize speech. Hearing impairment is only partially recoverable with the use of hearing aids.

The sooner you start wearing amplification the better. When you can’t hear what is going on around you, your mental sharpness and your communication skills suffer. The earlier your start using hearing aids, the quicker you will notice benefits. 



November 9th, 2015 

Lest We Forget


October 28th, 2015 


ATTENTION: Snow birds and adventure seekers

Come into Ex-Cell Hearing Centres and become part of our Audibel Network! When you purchase an Audibel product, you become part of the Audibel family. What this means is that you can expect great service anywhere you go in Canada and across the United States as well. 


"The Platinum Promise is a result of a collaborated 
effort to ensure Audibel provides premium customer care.

It's our way of delivering peace of mind to every person who seeks our help – by letting them know that Audibel is dedicated to setting the industry standard of what patient care really means, and that they expect Hearing Excellence no matter which Audibel office they visit anywhere."

What does this mean for you?

This means that you can have peace of mind when you travel - knowing that the Audibel family is there for you wherever your traveling takes you! Just relax and let us take care of the rest. 

We are ordinary people with a passion & dedication to do extraordinary things. 

Audibel Canada Logo



September 30th, 2015

Trying a hearing aid has never been easier! 

Step One - Call our office to book a hearing assessment. Let us know when you are having difficulty hearing and we will assess your hearing with the latest technology. 

Step Two - Review your results then and there. We'll walk you through the results of your hearing exam and answer any questions you have. 

Step Three - Discuss your options. Based upon your lifestyle and the different environments you are exposed to we can show you your best options and send you home with a set of flex hearing aids to try that day, obligation-free. 

Call today to book your appointment to see how they Flex to you!


September 16th, 2015








Hearing loss is connected to other health conditions




March 3, 2015

Happy International Ear Care Day Everyone!

What is International Ear Care Day?
It’s an initiative of The World Health Organization (WHO) to focus attention on the damage we are doing to our ears.

The date was decided upon as 3.3 to represent the shape of the ear.
3 <---- clever

Think about your daily routine (work, home and other recreational activities) are you protecting your hearing?




February 17th, 2015


Try before

              you Buy


With Unitron Flex:Trial Hearing Aids
Ask us about how you can start your two week trial. 306.343.9516  |  306.374.4050


If you have been sitting on the fence about trying hearing aids, call our office today to book your appointment to try the Flex:Trial hearing aid. Take it home for 2 weeks and hear the difference*.

*Fully refundable deposit required.




January 8th, 2015


Check out the video from this year's winner of the listen carefully campaign to raise awareness of hearing loss in teens. 




October 12th, 2014

Submit your video today; spread the word about the importance of hearing protection.




June 2nd, 2014




April 22nd, 2014

Headphones always falling out of your ears?

The Tunz Custom Audio Monitors allow you to have your music with you while continuing with your active lifestyle. Run, dance, ride with hearing protection and your favourite songs.



February 13th, 2014


What are you missing out on due to hearing loss?


If you missed our open house, give us a call to find out about our Wireless Hearing Aids and how they can help you on the phone and television.

Appointment Required. Call today!

8th Street Location - (306) 343-9516
Market Mall Location - (306) 374-4050
Toll Free - (306) 1-800-667-1124



January 6th, 2014



Crystal clear sound · Blocks out ambient noise · Comfortable to wear · Custom fit for your ear · Comes in a variety of colours

Call us today to experience hands free comfortably.