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Q: What can a hearing aid do?


  • Make speech louder.
  • Make speech easier to understand in most situations.
  • Help you to hear certain pitches better, such as high-pitched consonants.
  • Enable you to participate more fully in life's activities.

Q: What can't a hearing aid do?


  • Restore normal hearing.
  • Deliver the ability to hear speech perfectly when competing sounds are present.
  • Transform distorted sound into clean sound.
  • Allow you to hear only what you want to hear.

Q: How long should a hearing aid last?

A: A hearing aid's life expectancy is typically three to five years.

Q: Does aging affect hearing?

A: Hearing sensitivity declines as people become older. This medical condition is called presbycusis.

Q: How does working in a noisy environment affect my hearing while I age?

A: If you work in a noisy environment that is over 85dB you are at risk of hearing loss. Just like hearing loss in normal working conditions, not everyone is affected equally. Age-related hearing loss adds to noise-induced hearing loss. Hearing ability may continue to worsen even after a person stops working in a noisy environment.