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Your hearing is just as important as your eyesight, so why is it not taken care of like your eyesight? In your everyday life you come across a lot of noise that can be hazardous to your hearing. Examples include MP3 players, driving with the windows rolled down for a lengthy period of time, and cutting the grass. If you can hear it, it is slowly wearing down your hearing. If you are around an environment of 85dB or higher it is recommended to wear hearing protection.

Decibel Levels for Everyday Sounds

Noise Source Noise Level Exposure Time
Mixer 70dB no limit
Electric Sewing Machine 70dB no limit
Busy Traffic 75dB no limit
Mini-Bike 80dB no limit
Alarm Clock 80dB no limit
Noisy Restaurant 80dB no limit
Office Tubulator 80dB no limit
Outboard Motor 80dB no limit
Passing Snowmobile 80dB no limit
Average Factory 85dB 16 hours
Electric Shaver 85dB 16 hours
Screaming Child 90dB 8 hours
Passing Motorcycle 90dB 8 hours
Convertible on Freeway 95dB 4 hours
Subway Train 100dB 2 hours
Diesel Truck 100dB 2 hours
Woodworking Shop 100dB 2 hours
Pneumatic Drill 100dB 2 hours
Boiler Shop 100dB 2 hours
Jackhammer 100dB 2 hours
Helicopter 105dB 1 hour
Power Mower 105dB 1 hour
Snowmobile Ride 110dB 30 minutes
Inboard Motorboat 110dB 30 minutes
Sandblasting 110dB 30 minutes
Live Rock Music 90 to 130dB 8 to 0.3 hours
Auto Horn 120dB 7.5 minutes
Propeller Aircraft 130dB 7.5 minutes
Air Raid Siren 140dB 3.75 minutes

Threshold of Pain Levels

Noise Source Noise Level Exposure Time
Gunshot 140dB Danger Level
Jet Engine 140dB Danger Level
Rocket Launching 180dB Danger Level

Exposure Times for Noise Levels

Noise Level Exposure Time
82dBA 16.0 hours
83dBA 12.5 hours
84dBA 10.0 hours
85dBA 8.0 hours
86dBA 6.3 hours
87dBA 5.0 hours
88dBA 4.0 hours
89dBA 3.1 hours
90dBA 2.5 hours
91dBA 2.0 hours
92dBA 1.6 hours
93dBA 1.3 hours
94dBA 1.0 hours
95dBA 46.9 minutes
96dBA 37.5 minutes
97dBA 30.0 minutes
98dBA 23.4 minutes
99dBA 18.8 minutes
100dBA 15.0 minutes
101dBA 11.7 minutes
102dBA 9.4 minutes
103dBA 7.5 minutes
104dBA 5.6 minutes
105dBA 4.7 minutes
106dBA 3.8 minutes
107dBA 2.9 minutes
108dBA 2.3 minutes
109dBA 1.9 minutes
110dBA 1.5 minutes
111dBA 1.2 minutes
112dBA 56.3 seconds
113dBA 43.9 seconds
114dBA 35.9 seconds
115dBA 28.1 seconds