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From our Patients...

"I have worked 45 years of my life in Pulp Mills in very noisy environments, starting when hearing protection was not even an option. Needless to say my hearing suffered and so did my wife after I retired, having to repeat everything she said to me when I asked, 'What's that?'.

I had tried the basic hearing aid that was covered by the health system and did not find that they worked that well and the physical size was both prohibitive and unattractive.

In 2003 I made my first appointment with John Letts from Ex-Cell Hearing Centres to talk about better hearing aids. On of the important things in dealing with John was that he understood the inherent problem if two people trying to communicate without paying attention to each other. He encouraged my wife to attend the first session with me and her input was both appreciated and very important in making good use of the hearing aids I chose.

At the time Digital control was just becoming available and I chose the Natura 2SE half shell size for a trial. John and his staff spent a lot of time adjusting and catering to my wishes for fit and different mode settings. The trial period let me get a good feel for what they could do and I eventually settled for the smaller, "in the canal" size that are virtually invisible to anyone else unless they know you have them. I wear them from the time I get up until bedtime, likely an average of 14 hours a day. The ones I chose have two modes that I can switch with a magnetic wand, one I use in crowded areas like restaurants and the other for normal use. I think these mode changes are one of their best features.

Both my wife and I are very pleased with what they have done for our communication. And I can hear the birds again. I am in the process of being fitted for a newer version with more modes of control.

Thanks to John and his staff at Ex-Cell Hearing for the excellent service I have received over the past four years.

- Howard L.

"I wear a CIC Completely-In-Canal Hearing Instrument. It is very comfortable and small. It is so small and hidden that even my son questions whether or not I was wearing it. The other aid I wore made me feel all plugged up; this aid makes it feel much more normal as if nothing is in my ear. Wind noise does not appear to bother this aid like my old one. Overall I enjoy this aid much better than my old one. I would recommend this aid to anyone as long as their hand movement ability can handle it."

- Barb L. (Saskatoon)

"I wear a CIC in my left ear. It is very comfortable, and virtually unnoticeable. I had a hearing aid before and it made me feel all plugged up, and on the phone all it would do is squeal. This aid I can use on the phone without squeal. Wind noise is not a problem as it was with my other aid. I would recommend this aid to anyone having a hearing problem."

- A. Swayze (Saskatoon)