Hearing Care Services in Saskatoon

At Ex-Cell Hearing Centres, we offer many hearing care services to our clients in Saskatoon and the surrounding area. Think your might have hearing loss? We offer hearing tests and industrial hearing tests for a full assessment of your hearing. Is your hearing aid in need of repair? We can help repair your hearing aid and provide information on how to maintain your hearing air. Think you have ear wax blockage? We offer an ear wax removal service which is one of the best and safest ways to remove ear wax.


Our hearing tests provide a full assessment of the state of your hearing. It is recommended that you get your hearing evaluated on a yearly basis to make certain that no problem is developing, or that your hearing loss has not gotten worse over time.


Industrial Hearing Loss is hearing impairment due to a prolonged exposure to excessive noise in the workplace. If you need a hearing test for your job or think you have hearing loss because of your job, contact us to book a hearing test for an assessment of your hearing.

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