Hearing Aid Repair & Maintenance Services in Saskatoon

Hearing aids are devices with many tiny moving parts that need to be maintained for them to work at their best. Even if you maintain your hearing aids, there can be small repairs and maintenance that need to be made over time. Your hearing aids may also need adjustments over time to make sure they work as best as they can for you.

If your hearing aid doesn’t seem to be working right, bring it into our clinic. Many issues can be fixed at the clinic by our team, or it can be sent away and repaired. If you have any questions about the maintenance you should be doing on your hearing aids please contact our clinic for assistance.


It is not uncommon for hearing aids to need repair work done over time, similar to your car or any other electrical device. If you experience any issues with your hearing aids that need repair, you can contact our clinic at any time to arrange for repairs. We can make basic repairs to your hearing aids, or arrange to have them sent to the manufacturer for more significant repairs.


We always advise our clients to make sure they do regular maintenance on their hearing aids, as it will help prevent the need for frequent repairs. Here are some of our tips for maintaining your hearing aids:


  • Keep Them Dry: Placing hearing aids in a dehumidifier or UV-light when not in use can help keep them dry.
  • Use A Hearing Aid Wax System: The wax system acts as a filter to block out ear wax from accumulating in your device.
  • Clean The Hearing Aid Regularly: Wipe down the surface of the hearing aid with a soft cloth regularly. Use a brush and a wax loop to gently brush away any debris from the ports and vents.
  • Check The Battery: Make sure the battery is working first and foremost. You can also check if it was placed in the hearing aid properly and that it was fully inserted into the device.


Hearing aids may need adjustments or extra tuning done when you start to wear the new hearing aids. It is good to remain patient, as it can take time to adapt to wearing hearing aids — your brain will be going through a process of adapting to the different focus and filtering for sounds that comes from the hearing aids. Don’t be afraid to speak up if something needs to be changed! It is a team effort to make sure your hearing aids work as well as they can to help you.

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